Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Makeup Look of the Day: Raquel Welch

She was the bombshell of the early Seventies.  The cat eyes, nude lips, and voluminous hair were all trademarks of Raquel Welch's in-your-face, va-va-voom sex appeal.  Here, I've done a modern version on myself...
Raquel Welch
I used a slightly darker foundation than I normally wear to give myself a more medium complexion...then I layered two different bronzers-- the first was a Wet & Wild matte coverage bronzer, and the second is my favorite bronzer made by The Body Shop that has an illuminating effect for that 'on vacation glow'.  Lastly, I used a brown toned blush on the apples of the cheeks.

Any kind of earthy tone shadows work well for this look.  I used two together-- a bronzy gold and a shimmery gray.  Then to get the cat eye look I used a Fabuliner which is an eyeliner that reminds me of a felt pen and drew an upward/outward wing.  I used a black pencil liner on the bottom rims and gray liner on the waterline.  Mascara was the final touch.  A voluminous mascara works best for this look.

A very important part of this look, I used a super inexpensive lipstick from a 5 and Dime store by a brand called L.A. Colors in a color called Nude ($1!).  Then I applied a clear gloss for depth and followed up with another coat of lipstick. The lip/eye contrast is really stunning and fun to wear. Heads will turn.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Makeup Look of the Day: TWIGGY

Inspired by the Face of the '60's, aka Twiggy, this look is all in the uses white eyeshadow, white eyeliner, very thick black liquid liner applied in the middle of the lid in a arch for "saucer eyes" and heaps of mascara (lashes were curled, mascaraed, and then curled again).  To get the stuck together look on the bottom lashes, I first applied mascara as I normally would and then pinched a few sections of lashes with my fingertips to stick them together.  In this case, clumping is good!

Penelope Tree- another '60s model

Monday, February 28, 2011

Makeup Look of the Day: The Professional

As requested by a dear friend of mine, here are two professional looks that are office appropriate.  The first one (above) is a smoky eye/natural lip combo while the second (below) is a minimal eye/strong lip combo.  In the photo above, I used two shades of gray shadows-- a dark gray and a bluish gray.  I applied the bluish gray to the entire lid and the darker gray on the lash line. I also applied black liquid liner on the upper lash line and finished it off with brownish black mascara.  Black shadow shouldn't be selected for this look; it is too intense and therefore distracting.   You should also never go above the crease when wearing a smoky eye to the office--save that look for the club.  As for the lips, I used two different glosses to make a natural and shiny color that would offset the smoky eye for a clean and balanced-out look.

This look is considerably different from the first.  The eye makeup is minimal-- a thin black line on the lids and one coat of mascara applied to curled lashes.  Instead of focusing on the eyes, attention is given to the mouth.  Despite what you may have heard, red lips ARE office appropriate, given that it is the right shade of red (something muted as I'm wearing above, nothing too bright) and that the eyes are downplayed.  

I think both looks are equally fun to wear.  Each one can be tweaked to complement your skin tone, outfit, and personal style.  When wearing makeup to the office it's important to remember that less is more, but don't be afraid to push the limits a little bit--while keeping it in good taste! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Makeup Look of the Day: The Minimalist

Winona Ryder
The Minimalist is a look that proves that a little bit of the right makeup can go a long way.  I don't always agree that less is more, but on someone with great bone structure and naturally big bright eyes (as in Winona Ryder's case), it really is.  This look is highly appropriate for casual everyday wear, especially in a professional setting.  It is also universally flattering on all skin tones and ages.  

The Minimalist uses really basic makeup: concealer, brown eye shadow in the crease and under eyes, white eyeshadow applied to the inner corners, pink cream blush on cheeks and temples, nude lip pencil and clear gloss.
      For the Minimalist glow, I used Sonia Kashuk cream blush in Blossom (sold only at Target stores).  It comes in a round, shallow pot and is easily applied with your fingertips.  What I like about cream blush is that it blends into the skin really easily and gives you a dewy glow. This cream blush in particular is a nice color on someone with fair skin like myself, as its light rosy pink color gives off a really natural yet noticeable effect.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Makeup Look of the Day: The Enigma

Gwyneth Paltrow

The Enigma is mysterious and emotionally haunting.  A damsel in distress.  The roles played by Sophia Loren in Two Women and Anna Magnani in the Rose Tattoo are two best examples of the Enigma in film.  The look is heavily dependent upon smeared eye makeup.  
Sophia Loren in Two Women

To get this look, I used liquid foundation with a bronzer that reflects light really nicely.  Then I mixed together an apricot cream blush with a hot pink powder blush to get an orangy-red color on the cheeks.  The lips were filled in with a natural toned lip pencil and followed with a clear red lip gloss.  The eyes, which are the pivotal feature of this look, should look beautifully messy, as though you've been crying and your once perfect makeup has been ruined by tears.  I used black pencil eyeliner on my upper eyelids and lower rims and then applied black mascara to curled top lashes and bottom lashes.  Then, to get the splattered look, I took the mascara wand and pressed it gently but firmly to my eyelids, crease, and under eye area.  The result was not quite as intense as Gwyneth wears it, but you can get a good idea of how mascara can be used in an unexpectedly beautiful and interesting way.

The mascara used for this look should be black since black gives off the most drama, something the Enigma is highly known for.  I used one of my favorite drugstore brand mascaras-- Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender.  It has a skinny enough wand in order to control the amount and placement of mascara around the eyes to get the intensity just right.  
Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender mascara in black

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Makeup Look of the Day: The Purist

Kiara Kabakuru
The Purist utilizes products that reflect light naturally for a youthful, healthy, and modern look.  The face should look clean, moisturized, and well as fashion forward and fun.  The look is captured beautifully on model Kiara Kabakuru.

    I used liquid foundation, apricot colored liquid blush on cheeks, chin, and hairline, purple powder eyeshadow on the outer corners of the eyes, orangy-copper shadow on the browbones, black mascara, and a dark lip pencil followed by two different colored lipsticks (Lancome's Mauvette, and Revlon's Burgundy) to come up with a similar color to what Kiara is wearing. 


My favorite drugstore foundation is L'Oreal True Match makeup in Soft Ivory, which is the lightest shade from this line.  Of all the inexpensive foundations I've tried, this is simply the best.  It also lended itself nicely to this look to achieve a clean and pure base for which to build on.  If you're on a budget and can't afford expensive makeup counter foundation, you really ought to give True Match a try.  Bonus: they have a wide variety of shades within three different undertones: warm, neutral, and cool.